Top Use Cases for Business Analytics

Business analytics helps you serve your customers better through a deeper understanding of their needs. It helps you optimize your team to for efficiency, and focus your efforts on things most valuable to your customers.

What are your biggest goals and how would you like analytics to help you?  Here are popular examples for several departments:


  • Attribute and optimize marketing spend for what drives purchases
  • Target content creation on topics that drive purchases
  • Personalize content to users based on their behavior and stage in the buying cycle


  • Score sales leads so you can focus on accounts that are likely to close or important ones that are at risk. Read my post describing how to predict conversions using R.
  • Identify the most successful tactics for engaging leads and prospects
  • Make personal recommendations based on a customer’s interactions on your site or trial

Customer Success

  • Prevent churn by identifying at-risk accounts early
  • Track a customer happiness index, learn what makes them happy or unhappy, and how to win over unhappy ones.
  • Proactively outreach to customers stuck at a given stage of setup or implementation

Product Management

  • Prioritize development on features that help or hurt conversion rates the most
  • Understand behavioral patterns in different segments of users
  • Reduce friction points that decrease retention, and encourage positive behaviors that increase purchases

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