Building A Table For My Awesome Girlfriend

Part of love just magically happens, and part of it is something we build. Telling my girlfriend I care is a good start, but what better way to show it than building something by hand?

I started by creating a Pintrest board for inspiration. Luckily, her favorite also included a How To Guide to build it from pallet wood. She picked her own colors, how well sanded it would be, even the type of legs. We did a sample showing at her apartment so we could see it in the natural environment. It took almost three months of working on the weekends to finish. I hope she enjoys using it as much as I did building it.

I’ll share some tips in case you’re inspired to build something too. First, I rented my saws which saved hundreds over buying new tools at Home Depot. You can also get reclaimed wood on Craigslist which has more character than new wood. Also, our recycling facility offers free stains if you want to try out a bunch of colors.

The hardest part of this project was doing the finish. My Dad lent me his book Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner. Finishing is more of an art than a science, but this guy has tested every combination and tells you what works best.

IMG_3237_2 2015-02-07 12.07.29
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2014-12-06 15.19.11 2015-01-02 13.00.45


One thought on “Building A Table For My Awesome Girlfriend

  1. The table looks amazing – great job!! Definitely get boyfriend of the year for all that hard work! 🙂

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