I’m a B2B product specialist with over 8 years of experience in award-winning startups and leading blue chip companies. My strengths are a strong technical background and experience in early stage companies delivering new products to market.



Technical Product Marketing Consultant | 2017 – present

I can help you create great content for technical audiences like software developers and devops engineers. My content has been repeatedly voted to the front page of Hacker News and Reddit. Inspire your audience with blogs, save them time with clear docs, and help them be successful when onboarding. Clients include SolarWinds, Loggly, SignalFx, Kong, Rollbar.

I cover the most popular technologies including AWS, JavaScript/Node, Docker, Nginx, MySQL, Python, Java, .NET, and more. I also write about continuous delivery, production monitoring, container management, etc.


Senior Product Manager | 2013 – 2016

Loggly is one of the most popular log management services used by thousands of software developers and devops engineers. They’ve raised over $40M in VC funding and I helped grow revenue over 20x. They were acquired by SolarWinds in 2018 and I continued working with them as a consultant.

My role was to serve as the voice of the customer and design a great product. I spent my time communicating with customers, prioritizing our roadmap, writing requirements for new features, and leading our engineering team to deliver those features. I lead integrations with dozens of systems, streamlined the onboarding process, and was the lead technical editor for online content including blogs, documentation, and more.


Co-Founder and CTO | 2010 – 2013

Keona Health’s Online Nurse Advice allows patients to contact their own doctor’s office for advice. It’s installed at health systems across the country, is accessible to thousands of patients, and has raised over $2.5M in funding.

I was responsible for product, fundraising, and customer success. I took the world’s first commercial patient-entered triage interview from concept to reality. We proved it out in clinical trials sponsored by the NIH. I negotiated and won sales contracts with top health systems including UNC Healthcare, Tulane University, and others. I pitched and won highly competitive fundraising from National Institute of Health, NC IDEA, Launchbox Digital and more.


Software Development Engineer | 2007 – 2009

Developed operational software for their global fulfillment centers. Lead the initial stages of redesign for a core shipping system that processed $20B worth of orders per year. Improved an analytical quality checking system that prevented $3M worth of errors per year. Primarily worked with C/C++and Java.


Program Manager Intern | Summer 2006

Designed UX for the “Windows Explorer” of WinFS with user-centered design tools. WinFS was a huge 100+ person project to replace the Windows file system with a relational database featuring richer relationships. Also enjoyed dinner with Bill Gates on his back lawn.


Co-Founder and CEO | 2005 – 2006

We built a gaming glove for the Nintendo Wii during college. It measures the angles of each finger joint and the wrist, and our patented sensor design could be mass produced for pennies each. We won several awards for our product and business plan, were featured in several newspapers and blogs, discussed investment opportunities with angels, and pitched the idea commercially to Nintendo and Motorola.


Software Development Intern | 2003 – 2005

Developed components for a self-healing computer system, and a self-protecting network security application. Worked in the same building where the famous Watson computer beat Jeopardy champions.


url University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BS, MS Computer Engineering, Graduated 2007
Won ECE Instructor’s Award, Cozad Competition, Paper Grant, PR Promotion