Program Manager Intern | Summer 2006

WinFS was a new file system designed to be part of Vista. It turned the file system into a database which allowed rich schema information and multiple relationships between items. Instead of organizing your files into folders, now each item can relate to contacts, emails, calendar invites, photos, and more. The project was canceled after years in development and is the product that Bill Gates most wished made it to market. In my opinion, the closest thing to it today is the Facebook Open Graph and Graph Search

My team named Project Orange designed a new File Explorer that took advantage of new data organizational patterns in WinFS and visualizations using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) codename Avalon. We used user centered design, use cases, scenarios, wireframes, and high fidelity prototypes to explore new capabilities. I designed about a dozen prototypes and implemented several of them by the end of the summer.

Project Orange