Mobile Immersion

Co-Founder and CEO | 2005-2006

logo_hand Imagine reaching out to a grab a phone in a video game.  You reach out and pick it up in your hand as if it were real.  Our glove measures your hand position, and mirrors it in the game.  It feels like you can reach directly into the screen.  It moves with you, and you become immersed in a new world.

As students in 2005, we made a real working version of this glove for the soon-to-be-released Nintendo Wii.  It measures the angles of each finger joint and the wrist, as well as the the position and orientation of the hand in 3D space.  The joystick controller allows you to walk while you grab things with your hand. Our novel bend sensor design could be mass produced for pennies each.

We won several awards for our product and business plan, were featured in several newspapers and blogs, discussed investment opportunities with angels, and pitched the idea commercially to Nintendo and Motorola.

Stages of Development

Concept Model Working Version
GLOVE12_comp gloveshot glove1

Demo Video

What’s more fun than SMASHING things?  Balling your hand into a fist turns it into a wrecking ball.




  • Dale Cozad Business Plan Competition Winner
  • Instructor’s Award in Senior Design
  • International Paper Grant